How do I throw/get barricades for a block party?

The City of Detroit has instituted new rules and regulations for closing off our streets for Block Parties and Island Plantings.  Basically, the main change is that the City will no longer drop off and pick up the barricades. This is one step the City of Detroit is employing to cut down on the money it spends and to focus its limited resources on “core (read critical) services” — police, fire, and EMS, for example.  

All paperwork must be completed at least 30 days prior to your event.

Be sure to verify all the above info with Mr. Kinsey at the CAC when you go there to register.  You may want to print this out and take it with you. If you have questions about any of these processes, please contact Mr. Tony Kinsey, manager at our West Community Access Center at 19180 Grand River; his phone is 313-870-0649.

Please see the most recent City of Detroit Block Party Application and Guidelines here.


  1. Align with your block captain. Find out who your block captain is – and if your block does not have a block captain and you want to step up for this role, reach out to us and we’ll get you started.

2. Register your Block – You MUST complete this step in order to have the street blocked off by the police. Go to our local Community Access Center (CAC) located at 19180 Grand River and register your Block Club.  This step involves filling out a two-page form that you can get at the CAC.  Some of the information requested on the form isn’t really relevant to block clubs (most don’t have officers, for example) but that’s no problem — just leave them blank. Ask Mr.  Kinsey to co-sign your application and date it and give you 2 xeroxed copies (one to take to the Precinct and one to keep for yourself, for the day of your event) to take with you.  

3. Fill out the application and petition your block – Using the petition form and the application found in the City of Detroit Block Party Application and Guidelines. Complete your application and block petitions. You will need 75% of the blocks’ signatures to take with you to the 12th Precinct Community Relations Division located at 1441 W. 7 Mile.

4. Take paperwork to the 12th Precinct – Take 1) Your block club registration form signed by you and Mr. Kinsey, 2) your application, and 3) the petition with 75% of the block’s signatures – to the 12th Precinct 30 days or more before your event.  This will ensure that all necessary City departments are notified that your street will be blocked off between the times you have listed.


Option 1 – If you want to use City barricades to close off your street:
– You must leave a $75 deposit with the Police (cashier’s check or money order only, made out to the City of Detroit) when you turn in your three forms at the Precinct.
– The day before your event, go to the Precinct to pick up your barricades (go early) and inquire as to when they need to be returned.
– After your event, when you return the barricades to the Precinct – in good condition –  the police will request that your money be sent to your address, which will take up to 3 weeks.

Option 2 – If you do NOT want to use City barricades to close off your street:

  • Your block must come up with your own way to barricade your street.  You could use saw horses with planks of wood between them or you could use Courville containers with planks of wood between them as street barricades i.e. things that work and can be moved easily should access to your street be necessary.  
  • YOU MAY NOT use cars to block the street, or tie string or rope to things to close off streets, according to the new rules.