The University District Community Association has the following committees, each of which have a page on this site that describe their functions.  You can click on any committee name to be directed to their page.

If you are interested in volunteering, please be sure to indicate so on your UDCA Membership Profile by selecting the appropriate items on the volunteer tab on your profile.

Beautification – Chair: Frank Benedict

The beautification committee provides products and services for beautification and holiday decorations for our community.

Communication – Chair: Amber Hunt and Jessica Bondalapati

The communication committee is in charge of publishing the newsletter, maintaining the website, maintaining Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor Pages, and distributes notices for all meetings and special events.

Elections – Chair: Sidney H Baily, III

The election committee conducts all election-related activities for the University District Community Association.

Membership – Chair: Eric and Septima Childress

The membership committee maintains and increases the membership of the association. They run membership drives and compile and provide data to other committees regarding the membership of the association.

Residential Standards – Chair: Joann Roberts

Monitor neighborhood conditions and resident concerns; work with city officials to ensure neighborhood properties are in compliance with City Ordinances.

Safety and Security – Chair: Mary Jo Smith

The safety and security committee works with the neighborhood patrol organizations (radio patrol and university district subscriber patrol), gathers crime statistics, works with the police department, and promotes safety within the community.

Senior Committee – Chair: Tamara Perrin

Focused on connecting, engaging, and supporting our senior community. Dues-paying senior members of the UDCA can enjoy education and awareness programming, social engagements, physical fitness activities, and safety and environment classes.

Social Committee – Chair: Geneviève S Johnson

The social committee makes arrangements for all social events and the General Membership Meetings.

Youth and Schools – Chair: Amber Hunt

The youth and schools committee works with youth leaders and local schools on a number of initiatives.

Contacting Committees

You may contact us by using our Contact Us page.