University District Community Association

Resources for Block Clubs

Section III: Resources for Block Clubs

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1.  City of Detroit

Resource Contact/Information

City of Detroit Website


City resources:

City Website:

Community Access Center (formerlyNeighborhood City Halls)  Community Access Centers connect Detroiters to city servicesand information on reaching the service providers. CAC isfrequently the first and best place to check for forms,registering community activities and getting into theinformation loop for city programs, grants available, etc.

Our Community access Center – Northwest Office

Tony Kinsey, Manager

19180 Grand River

Detroit, MI 48223


(Fax 313-935-4433; 255-6489)

(Fall, 2011–Community Access Center, Northwest Activity Center may reopen)


City Ordinances On the website, select state, then city, toaccess city code.

12th Precinct Community Relations Detroit Police Department. Sgt. Sherley Bledsoe is the officerin charge. This unit handles a variety of issues, and the officershave concluded that they work most effectively if informationcomes to them through one person for the block’s concerns:

ñ Scheduling requests for street Block parties

ñ reserving barricades

ñ removing abandoned vehicles

ñ addressing blight, some neighborhood quality of lifeissues

ñ scheduling home security inspections

ñ crime prevention

ñ coordinating Neighborhood Watch efforts in theprecinct

ñ holding monthly meetings of the 12th PrecinctCommunity Relations meetings (1st Thursdays,7:00PM at the precinct—but check in winter, thegarage might get too cold). Upon request and thepayment of $3.00 in dues, individuals and blockclubs can be added to the mailing list. Speakers andprograms of interest to the precinct are always on theagenda.

Sgt Sherley Bledsoe

12th Precinct Community Relations

1441 W Seven Mile Road

Detroit, MI 48203



2.  University District Community Association

Resource Contact/Information
UDCA website
Block Captains Val McPhaul  2017 Chairperson,


Meetings Saturday Mornings 9:00AM (alternatemonths) at Gesu.


Block Captains List


Printed in each newsletter.
Garden and 

Landscape Club

Mary Leonard, Chairperson


Home and Garden Tour Jessie Cassida, 2012 Chairperson


Newsletter Mailed quarterly

March, June, September, December

Welcome Kits

A lovely bag filled with useful tips for new neighbors


Elaine Gilbert


Walking Tours

A great way to become better acquainted with theneighborhood

Mary Leonard


3.  UD Safety and Security

Resource Contact/Information
Neighborhood Watch

(within the University District)

John Hall, coordinator

Phone: 313 345-0134

University District Patrol (subscriber)

Provider of patrol service, escort service, alarm response,vacation watch to subscribers

Reginald Cunningham, President


Billing Address:

PO Box 312891

Detroit, MI 48231

Other written communication:

PO Box 21041

Detroit, MI 48221


Office 313 459-0070

Patrol (number provided to subscribers)




Snow Removal (sidewalks)

The company has been highly recommended for quality ofwork and good pricing by the blocks which utilize thisservice—make arrangements long before the snow falls!)


Mr. Ellis, North Regional Snow removal



University District Radio Patrol

Provider of patrol service, vacant house monitoring,coordination of neighborhood security programs, email alertsystem for University District, and with 12th PrecinctNeighborhoods security alert system, liaison to 12thPrecinct, other community safety resources

Mary Jo Smith President



Mailing address:

PO Box 211064

Detroit, MI 48221


Office and patrol—313 447-0003

4.  Block Captain Advisors – Contact Information Available in the Member Directory or by using the Contact Us page.

Lucius Gunn
Terri Randall
Joyce Reid
Ed Stuckey &Elizabeth Miller