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Organizing Activites

Section II: Organizing for Block Activities

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Regularly for the last several years, significant changes to the rules for block parties in the street have occurred. The greatest changes were instituted in 2011 and require advance planning to meet all deadlines. More specific information is available in the packet: “City of Detroit Block Party Application and Guidelines” which can be obtained from the block captains chairperson or Community Access Center. The summary below may help you decide how your block will handle activities.

  1. Register the block club with Community Access Center(NW)
  2. Pick a date.
  3. Circulate the petition which must be signed by 75% of the households on the block
  4. Complete the affidavit and application and submit application, affidavit, petition, and $75 deposit check at the Precinct. (Sgt Bledsoe strongly urges that this be done at least 60 days in advance).
  5. Arrange to pick up and return barricades.

Some blocks have formal organizations and structured events. Others are more casual about their activities. The following pages contain examples of how those different styles are applied to three popular types of events:

  • Ice cream social
  • Street party
  • Progressive party

ICE CREAM SOCIAL: a traditional event on Warrington Block 2, this requires little for set-up, but is always well attended.

The expert to consult is Sharon Vlahovich, 313-340-1547 (Sharon asks people to bring a bowl and spoon if they don’t want a cone, and perhaps a topping to share)

To Do List:

1. pick the date and a rain date

2. alert the neighbors

3. buy the ice cream and cones

4. arrange for table, scoops, napkins, (some chairs?)

5. assign a person to serve each flavor

Sample Street Party Notices

Sample Block Party Notice

Sample Progressive Dinner Notice