Yard Waste Pickup Resumes April 13

YARD WASTE (leaves, grass clippings, shrubs and twigs)  COLLECTION IS EVERY OTHER FRIDAY STARTING APRIL 13

yard waste pickup

For 2018, yard waste collection will start in the University District on April 13th and end on December 7th. If there is a holiday during the week, then the pickups are delayed by one day.  Please put waste at the curb for collection by 7a.m. but no more than 24 hours in advance.

Only use paper, biodegradable lawn/yard bags or your own 32-gallon reusable plastic or metal container, which must be marked “Yard Waste Only” (60 pounds max).

Twigs or branches less than 4 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter may be placed in yard waste bags. Brush more than 2 inches in diameter should be tied in bundles no more than 4 feet long and placed at the curb.

Visit www.detroitmi.gov/PublicWorks or http://www.advanceddisposal.com/mi/detroit/detroit-residential-collection for more information

UDCA Residential Standards Committee