UDCA Special Assessment Operational Plan

Purpose:  To specify the structure of the committee charged with managing the University District Special Assessment District (SAD) and the funds generated thereby and provide a specific and binding operational plan by which said committee will operate.

Authorization:  In accordance with city ordinance No.____ and with the continued approval of the City of Detroit and the Residents of the University District, the University District Community Association (UDCA) is the Designated Neighborhood Improvement Organization (DNIO).  Special Assessment District programs will be managed by a SAD Committee established by the UDCA as defined below.

Committee Make Up:

Seven Members will form the committee

  • President, UDCA
  • Treasurer, UDCA
  • Director, UDCA Board (any other board member, current or having just concluded a term is eligible)
  • Representative, University District Patrol (UDP)
  • Representative , UDP
  • Representative, University District Radio Patrol (UDRP)
  • Representative at Large from the community appointed by the UDCA President.
  • All appointments by the UDCA president must be ratified by a vote of the UDCA Executive Board.

The committee will elect from with-in and designate a committee chair, treasurer and secretary.  The UDCA President is not automatically the chair.  In the event either patrol is no longer able to provide ongoing representation the UDCA will appoint another At-Large representative from the community with the intention of maintaining seven members.  The current SAD Implementation Committee will serve as the Operating Committee for the first three years. Thereafter, the UDCA president will appoint the third UDCA director member of the board.  [Board officer positions may change annually with elections of board officers.]   Terms of service of patrol representatives will be determined by the respective patrol.  The committee member-at-large will serve at the discretion of the UDCA President.  All committee members are to abide by UDCA by-laws and work to uphold the UDCA Mission.


Committee Duties and Responsibility:  To accomplish the purpose of the Special Assessment District, the committee will perform tasks listed as well as any others reasonably necessary.

  • Secure necessary insurance or bonding to protect the committee members and the organizations they represent from any additional liability caused by SAD related actions and as required by law or ordinance. This is sometimes referred to as “board insurance”.  This is to be funded through SAD revenue.
  • Set fiscal year determination and general functions of the committee. This includes, but is not limited to meeting dates and times,  bookkeeping cycles, etc. adjusted as necessary by the committee on an ongoing basis
  • Maintain full transparency of committee records including meeting minutes and financial records
  • Distribute by US mail to each residential address, notification of one or more open annual meetings date, time, and location (may coincide with a UDCA General Meeting) and provide a written annual report to the owners. Every such meeting will be held in a location reasonably proximate to the community members.
  • Provide a report including financial updates at the two UDCA General meetings. (first Thursday of December and April)
  • The SAD committee will give a report to the UDCA board at its regularly scheduled board meetings including a financial summary and update on SAD activities, e.g., hours of patrol, results of patrol action, effectiveness of snow management, resident complaints etc.
  • Post monthly reports, or appropriate summaries thereof, on the UDCA website after each UDCA board meeting.
  • Secure bids and contract for the provided services (snow management, mosquito abatement and security services)  in a manner to select the most cost effective qualified contractor, while considering the neighborhood preference for Detroit contractors.  All efforts will be made to assure the residents that no favoritism or cronyism is shown in selecting contractors.  The committee will strive to provide the most economical and effective services possible.
  • Maintain complete financial records including a separate bank account requiring two signatures for disbursement of funds  There will be no comingling of SAD funds with UDCA, UDP or UDRP.
  • Contract professional services as necessary for bookkeeping.
  • Contract independent licensed CPA or Firm with no direct connection to the neighborhood for an annual audit of financial records.
  • Secure all outside contracting by the SAD committee. There will be no contracting or funds distribution handled by UDP or UDRP.
  • Appoint one or more committee members responsibility for overseeing each service provided. g. the representatives from UDP may be chosen to oversee the security services for efficacy and to respond to community members concerns or complaints Said person(s) will be the point of contact for service providers as well.
  • Ensure that all committee meetings at which business Is conducted will be open to any community member or parcel owners.


UDCA Responsibilities:

If the UDCA is approved by the City as DNIO and the SAD is approved by the community UDCA will make the necessary amendments to its bylaws to include the SAD committee as a recognized function.  This document is intended to become incorporated by reference.  The UDCA board will approve any future changes to the SAD operating plan. The UDCA board will make website space available for SAD reports or other communications to the community from the SAD Committee.