The UDCA is a Safe Place to Live and Work

Public Safety is a priority for me and you in our neighborhood. Allow me to provide some context. The UDCA is part of District 2. District 2 runs East/ West from John R to 2 blocks past Southfield Rd. (East/West).  North/ South, District 2 runs from 8 Mile Rd to several blocks past Davison Ave. 

As your elected Police Commissioner for District 2, and as a UDCA Board member, it is my pleasure to provide information on public safety in our small UDCA community, bordered by Seven Mile and McNichols Roads, (North/South) and Warrington and Parkside (East/West).

The 12th Precinct Police Station @ 7 Mile and Woodward is walking distance from our UDCA neighborhood, and all UDCA residents are welcome to participate in the 12th Precinct’s monthly neighborhood meetings generally held the 1st Thursday of each month on ZOOM.  Feel free to voice any praise for Detroit’s FINEST, or any concerns you may have.

The 12th Precinct’s Community Police Officers and contact information follow: P.O. Michael Crowder, P.O. Keith Buckman, P.O. Nathaniel Womack, P.O. Larissa Powell.  All report to Sgt. Bledsoe, Tel. No. (313) 596-1221.

I’m happy to report that the UDCA has such little crime, it is not separately or statistically reported by DPD! We are considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the city!  UDCA residents are “good neighbors” and have exterior lighting, sophisticated, expensive alarm systems, video doorbells and cameras, and dogs that bark; all of which substantially deter criminal activity in our mile wide, seven block area. 

For the record, however, the city’s crime stats for the period ending Oct.27, 2022 follow.

City wide. Part 1 violent crimes (homicide, aggravated assault, non-fatal shootings, sex assaults, robberies, and carjackings) are down 13% Year to Date compared to 2021. Part 1 property crimes (burglaries, larcenies, motor vehicle thefts) have increased 25% compared to 2021. 

A major area of concern is the substantial increase in carjackings. Young people appear to “jack” a car for joy riding purposes, or to simply travel from Point A to point B, and then “jack” another car to go from Point B to Point C. So, its important to keep your doors locked and stay aware of your surroundings.  Please, no late-night gas, cigarette, McDonald’s, or banking runs. But if you must, look for the GREEN LIGHT!  “Green Light” establishments are monitored 24 hours/day from DPD/ Public Safety Headquarters at 1301 Third St., Detroit, MI 48226. 

Finally, there has been a substantial increase in mental health runs by DPD; several of which have ended tragically. DPD and the city are working to identify services and methodologies to keep the community and mentally challenged persons protected. 


Atty. Linda D. Bernard J.D., LL.M.  

UDCA Board Member and Detroit Police Commissioner, District 2