The Second Most Important Election This Year!


The District Needs You!
Announcing the 2020 UDCA Board of Directors Elections


Why become a Board Member?

Because it is your turn, isn’t it? Aren’t you looking for specific ways to improve the safety, security and desirability of our community! Aren’t you ready and eager to do your part! Don’t you know that together: We Can Do Anything!  Now is the time to serve your term on the University District Community Association Board of Directors. It’s the perfect place to make a positive difference. Join us and be sure your voice is heard!

Seeking Candidates

The UDCA board is seeking candidates and/or nominations for five board vacancies for the term of January 2021 through December 2023. Ballots will be distributed to UDCA paid members in November. 


To be eligible to run and sit on the board, a resident must be a current paid member of the University District Community Association and remain a paid member throughout the three-year term.


Board members attend a monthly meeting and the semi-annual General Membership meetings, vote on issues, attend UDCA-sponsored social functions, serve on at least one committee and report on activities as required, and represent the Board to the community. Board members are also encouraged to submit articles to the newsletter.

How to become a candidate

It’s easy! Complete a Board of Directors Candidate Application online or call/email the election committee for one. Then submit the application to: UDCA Election Committee, P.O. Box 21483, Detroit, MI 48221 or via email the Election Committee Chairperson. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2020. 


The Voting Process

Residents who are paid UDCA members will receive ballots in early November. Ballots must be returned by the due date noted on the ballots. The votes will be tallied, and newly elected board members will be notified and announced at the Annual General Membership meeting, currently scheduled for December.

The UDCA Board

The purpose of the UDCA Board is to:

  • Maintain and support the neighborhood integrity
  • Promote active partnership and membership
  • Coordinate cultural and family events
  • Maintain and enforce zoning ordinances and equitable tax assessments related to the use of property in the District
  • Promote and monitor public improvements
  • Facilitate regular communications among the members
  • Represent the District concerning property taxes, levies, and other property issues
  • Represent the District in legislative matters with City & State agencies.


One third (5) on the Board members’ terms expire each year. This ensures that stability and consistency on the Board are maintained while assuring the opportunity for an infusion of “new blood”. 

Still not sure? Well, don’t decide just yet. Talk to a current or former Board member! Participate in upcoming UDCA activities. Come to a monthly Board meeting (on Zoom) and see just how well you’d fit in. Remember, together we can do anything. Just take your seat

The table below shows the current Board members’ terms in office.


Board Terms’ status, 2020


Board Member Consecutive Terms Served Year Current Term began Year Current Term Expires
Brenda Andrews 2 Jan 2018 Dec 2020
Sidney H. Bailey III 6 Jan 2019 Dec 2021
Frank Benedict 1 Jan 2018 Dec 2020
Linda Bernard 1 Jan 2020 Dec 2022
Jessica Bondalapati 1 Jan 2019 Dec 2021
Michael E. Carmona Jan 2019 Dec 2021
Dacia Crum**  1 March 2019 Dec 2020
Amber Hunt 1 Nov 2020 Dec 2022
Lisa Jones 1 Jan 2019 Dec 2021
Faye Knox Jan 2020 Dec 2022
Joann Roberts*** 1 March 2019 Dec 2020
Roger Short 4 Jan 2019 Dec 2021
Curtis S. Smith 1 Jan 2020 Dec 2022
Neil Tambe 1 Jan 2020 Dec 2022
Angela Vincent* 1 Nov 2018 Dec 2020


     * Angela Vincent was appointed to complete the term of Jay Taylor   
   ** Dacia Crum was appointed to complete the term of Anna Richardson Poe
 *** Joann Roberts was appointed to complete the term of Malika Ramsey Heath