SAD April 2018 Membership Meeting

Special Assessment District

April 5, 2018

University District Neighbor,

The UDCA Special Assessment District Committee would like to update you on our progress.   As most of you know we have been working to petition the neighborhood to establish a $175 annual property assessment for 24 hour security patrols and other neighborhood services.

Our committee has been circulating petitions since last April and met to tabulate them in November.  At that time we found just fewer than 50% of the property owners had signed in favor of establishing the Special Assessment District.  In the interest of fairness and more thorough “polling” we decided not to rush to the City with a narrow margin and to continue petitioning.  This also means we won’t have funding until the end of 2019.    We chose to be more thorough than hasty.

The committee would like to secure and addition 10 – 15% support before turning our petitions in to assure really have strong majority support.  Those who are concerned about how long we can petition should understand this is very different than a political nomination or ballot proposal petitions which have deadlines.  Our “penalty” is the longer we take the more signatures lost as people leave the neighborhood.  The City validates your signature against property owner records.

After submission the City will validate and submit to the Finance Committee who recommends approval or disapproval to the whole City Council to vote on.  They then call a public hearing and notify the neighborhood and vote again.  Finally the City Assessors office prepares a tax roll and we see the assessment on our August 2019 tax bill.

If you would like to sign the petition we are available in the lobby this evening with petition or to answer question.  We would like to have this submitted by early summer and wish to thank all of our neighbors for taking the time to be informed and involved in our community.


Thomas Bauer

SAD Committee Chair