Recap: 2019 Spring General Meeting

Spring Meeting 2019

UDCA 2019 Spring General Meeting

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  • Pay your 2019 membership dues
  • Pay for the UD Subscriber/Paid Patrol – the Special Assessment District is not in effect yet, and your UDCA dues do not cover security. The patrol needs your support in order to continue to monitor our neighborhood.
  • Check the calendar on the University District website to find the latest info on events, including the summer picnic & dinner dance.
  • Livernois improvements will begin this spring – please support our local businesses during construction.
  • Rocket Mortgage Classic is coming up and we expect to see a lot of activity in and around the neighborhood. See full notes for details on tickets, how to rent out your house & what to expect for the tournament.
  • Contact to participate in your community and to order University District shirts.


Full notes:


President’s Report

  • Board retreated focused on volunteer needs – looking for residents to volunteer & get involved
  • Tournament week – we’re going to have a tournament week (PGA Tour) in the neighborhood for the next 4 years – excited about it, hearing from Steve Ogden later in the meeting


Treasurer’s Report

  • Copies of the report made available
  • Largest sources of revenue = membership & home tour
  • Largest expense = newsletter
    • Consensus is that it’s too expensive and the board is working on it and will take action on it this year


SAD/UDP Update – Sid Bailey

  • Encouraged everyone to pay dues & participate in a committee or running for the board
  • Gave props to UDCA President Luke Gunn for doing such a great job recruiting members & running the UDCA
  • SAD: Pending city council approval
    • Scheduled for a council meeting sometime this month, still waiting on the date
  • To not disrupt the current patrol – please join the subscriber patrol


Green Team – GESU

  • Group of people at GESU who are working hard to make GESU more “green”
  • Solar panels installed at GESU
  • Drainage fee impacting GESU so they are trying to mitigate those fees by building rain gardens that will connect to the sewer on Quincy
  • Collecting plastic bags to crochet mattresses for the homeless – bring it to the parish center
  • Good Friday – meeting at GESU community green/playground – walk for hope 6pm on April 19


Social Committee

  • Genevieve Johnson – propped out UDCA VP Kim Gunn for all the hard work she does as well.
  • Mix & Mingle – tentatively June 23
  • Summer Picnic – July 27
  • Fall – Oct/Nov – Dinner dance


Belden Park Update – Rep Wendell Byrd

  • AT&T donating $20,000 to Belden Park
  • Budget request in for the state budget – have also submitted over 100 grant applications
  • Introduced a bill to cut foreclosure interest in the first year from 18% to 6% – estimated to save 42,000 homes in Wayne county
  • Probably not a lot of bills will come out of the senate this term


Traffic Calming/Livernois Update – Kim Tandy

  • State fairgrounds – waiting for proposals & people to come in
    • Mayor has said he’s not doing anything with it until someone can come in and provide 1,000 jobs
    • Currently leasing it for different things, maintaining it, but not selling it
    • Hoping to retain the historic structures as much as possible
  • Working with the traffic calming committee
    • Installing speed humps as soon as the weather breaks – end of April/beginning of May
    • Parkside & Warrington will get the speed humps, but that is not the end of the process.
      • Will not impact the emergency plowing on Parkside – they tested the speed humps on plows over the winter
      • Speed humps are designed to not impact emergency vehicles
    • Will continue to work with the neighborhood association to continue to work on speeding & running stop signs in the neighborhood
  • Livernois streetscape beginning at the end of April
    • Taking contractors contract to city council on April 16 – if they approve they would like to start at the end of the month
    • Taking the median out at Clarita and move toward 8 mile
      • During construction there will be limited parking on the street
    • Contractor is claiming to be able to finish in a year – will go from April to November
      • Not closing the streets, but parking will be impacted
      • Please continue to patron the businesses – 4-5 new businesses are opening during the construction – please support them
        • Table 2, a new Japanese bistro, the new 1917 bistro
      • Changes also include one lane of traffic going in both directions
    • Once this is finished they are going to look at  further extending & improve
    • Bike lanes are not going on the street, they will be going on the extended sidewalks
      • Sidewalks will be extended, adding recognition for businesses that have been here for along time
      • Bike racks & bike sharing that will connect to Ferndale will be installed
    • District 2 meeting – April 9
    • Motor city makeover May 4 – April 22 kickoff at Northwest Activities Center
    • Rent to Own workshop – May 14 – Old New Shepard Church on Puritan

Rocket Mortgage Classic – Steve Ogden

  • June 25-June30 – 4 year agreement, if successful after the 2nd year there is an option to extend it to 10 years
  • Volunteer opportunities – and click on volunteer
    • It costs $75 to volunteer – for accountability, gear, parking, food, etc.
  • To rent your house
  • Parking
    • Much of the parking will take place at the state fairgrounds, possibly palmer park
  • Talking with DPD about Traffic Management
  • Sponsorship & hospitality inquiries –
  • Tickets: – average price $40/day for Detroit residents, no free day planned
  • General:
  • Golf Course was extended to make it PGA tour ready
  • Advertising neighborhood restaurants in the area in the packet
  • Kids 15 & younger get in free – must be accompanied by a paying adult. 1 adult can bring multiple kids.
    • Is there any way to sponsor an adult who would bring their kids who may not otherwise be able to go?
      • Quicken Loans community fund attempting to do some outreach to local organizations to help with this.
  • Identified 7 non-profit partners that will share in the proceeds from the tournament – will announce soon
  • Working on getting Tiger Woods, Harold Varner on the course/participating in the tour
  • Since November they’ve been meeting with neighborhoods around the golf course (in partnership with Kim Tandy)
  • Palmer park back 9 golf course – no plans from the rocket mortgage classic team
  • Any plans for cleaning up the streets/neighborhoods? They are putting together teams to support motor city makeover, and also doing another cleanup closer to June. Not going to intrude on any existing plans for improvements.


Volunteer Committee

  • New committee making it easier for residents to get involved
    • They help understand your skills, what you’d like to help with, how much time you have to give, etc. and then sync you up with the right people so you can start giving back to your community!
    • Even giving an hour of time makes a big difference
    • Last Thursday from 6-7pm of every month the team meets at Biggby on Livernois – join them to find out more about how you can get involved.
  • Focusing on promoting the neighborhood – sold some limited edition University District t-shirts at the meeting
    • Doing another round of sales & are thinking about doing other UD merchandise
    • Contact to find out more



  • Membership committee will be walking around delivering packages to members who have paid their dues
  • Also distributed orange tags for the yard signs to show that you’ve paid your 2019 dues.