Meet Our Recently Elected UDCA Board Members

The UDCA has recently elected Amber Hunt, Linda Bernard, Faye Knox, Peter Wolf, and Dinah Dittman to serve on the board for 2023-2026. Learn more about these board members below and check out the full list of board members here.

Linda Bernard

As a lifelong resident of NW Detroit and the UDCA for more than 30 years, I am honored to serve UDCA residents as your elected Police Commissioner for District 2. I am seeking your support for a second term on the UDCA Board.  I am the only attorney on the UDCA Board and the only attorney on the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC).  I am committed to public safety, community justice initiatives, the protection of individual freedoms and neighborhood empowerment. By way of background, I am a licensed attorney in 4 states, the U.S. Supreme Court, and numerous federal courts. I argued and WON three (3) important cases in the Michigan Supreme Court! I graduated from St. Gregory High (Dexter and Fenkell); WSU Monteith Honors College (BA) (in 3 years), WSU Law School (JD), and the University of PA Law School (LL.M.) – Masters of Law – 1st African American!  I am also an experienced Arbitrator and Mediator and have resolved thousands of disputes and conflicts amicably by treating people with dignity and respect.  The UDCA is the “Jewel of NW Detroit” and my goal is to enhance our neighborhood and Detroit in any way I can. PS. I am a proud former member of the Eastern MI University Board of Regents…GO GREEN!

The UDCA is the “Jewel of NW Detroit” and I want to keep enhance our community. As a progressive public interest lawyer, experienced in community affairs, real estate, and government, I bring a unique perspective to the Board together with contacts and relationships.  I am committed to the success of the community and the neighborhood.  As an idea person and “out the box thinker”, please join me in bringing honor, distinction, and increased pride to our residents.

My goals are: 1. Increase UDCA Membership and transparency.  2. Aesthetically improve the neighborhood and our environment.  3. Obtain additional funding from the city of Detroit and the SOM for neighborhood improvements and assistance for elderly and other UDCA residents who need it. 

Dinah Dittman

My name is Dinah Dittman and I am a native Michigander. My ties to Detroit go back over 100 years, when my grandparents met here (at Central Christian Church on Woodward – now Little Rock Baptist), fell in love, got married and raised a family. Their son was my father, and he instilled in my brothers and me a strong work ethic, appreciation of the natural world, do-it-yourself and thrifty sensibility, and a loyal love for the Detroit Tigers.  

After college, I had to go out of state to find work in my field. That took me to Boston and then California, where I met my wonderful husband. Over the years, we would come to Michigan on vacations, to spend time with friends in the cities, lakes and rivers, and to decompress from the Bay Area stress. We talked about hoping to be able to move here, one day. In 2019, we got the opportunity to pack up and Head East, so we took it! When we were looking for a house, we only looked in Detroit. When we found our house on Wildemere, we said that the University District was our “Goldilocks Place” – just right. 

I have loved this city as long as I have known it. The people, the culture, and the enduring spirit of Detroit make it an unforgettable place. I have volunteered on the Membership Committee since 2019 and I co-chaired the University District Home Tour 2022 with Lisa Jones. It was a thrill to work alongside so many wonderful neighbors and to make new friends. 

I have 30+ years in professional business management, including community relations and philanthropy roles in the private and nonprofit sectors. I have served on the Board of Directors of local and national organizations and understand the importance of being accountable to the people you are serving. There is plenty of worthwhile and interesting work ahead for the UDCA Board.

Amber Hunt

Hello neighbors! I’m Amber Hunt – current board member for the last 5 years. In 2017, I was asked to join the board to fill a vacancy, and I’ve been LIVING THE DREAM ever since. As a board member, I’ve served as communications and youth/schools committee chair. My background in marketing and content strategy has allowed me to apply my skills to my community, and I lead our website, social media, digital and print communications efforts. My husband and I have two daughters, Penelope (5) and Magnolia (7). Both currently attend Palmer Park Preparatory Academy in the heart of University District in the growing Montessori program. We are so happy to have our family in our neighborhood public school, as we believe that living in Detroit means making a commitment to, and investment in, the entirety of our community. I currently serve as the Parent Outreach Coordinator at the school and would love to chat with any families who want to know more about our neighborhood DPSCD school, or community members seeking to volunteer or get more involved with Palmer Park Prep.

Since being a board member, I’ve helped coordinate events like parent/kid meetups for both the University District and surrounding communities, revamped our newsletter, spearheaded a transformation of an outdoor classroom at Palmer Park Prep, co-chaired the block captain committee for a short time (and still am happy to be the Block Captain of Oak 3), and tried my best to bridge the communication gaps that exist in our neighborhood and the city. My goal and what I primarily offer to the board is to provide and distribute information throughout our entire community to keep people connected and informed. I’d love to continue in my role as a board member, continue to learn from and be inspired by long-time residents, and do what I can do to help further the mission of University District.

Faye Mabry-Knox

My husband and I moved to the University District 29 years ago. We were so happy to move into our home because we had visited the neighborhood the year before and viewed our home from our car and thought “What a beautiful house”.  We thought it was so beautiful that we would never be able to afford such a house.

We did call about the home and it was out of our of our price range.  We looked at other homes in the community and finally found a house on Muirland.  We put a bid on that house and were told the next day that it was off the market.  My heart was broken and I just did not have the energy to find another house and go through another possible disappointment.

After two months I received a phone call from our realtor asking me if I could meet her on my lunch hour to view a house that was going on the market the next day.  I met her at the house that we admired the previous year that we thought was totally out of our price range.  The house had gone off the market and back on again. 

We have felt this was the home for us and have enjoyed it for the past 29 years.  We have wonderful neighbors and feel it just keeps getting better.  I share this experience because it is my story of my first homeowner experience, and I feel it was a blessing especially for me.

I just retired from the Auto Club of Michigan as a Territory Sales Manager for several offices in the metro area.  This position came with a lot of responsibilities in the different communities as well as managing the sales operations of each location.

I enjoyed my employment with the Auto Club because of it brand recognition and the many community-involved projects that have helped not only Michigan but also the safety of our country.  I was a member of the Chamber of Commerce projects for not only Detroit but also for Allen Park, Royal Oak, Warren, West Bloomfield and Birmingham communities.

I served on the University District Standards committee for a short time and have served as Block Club leader for Fairfield block 2 for several years.  I feel I can bring excitement and enthusiasm to the Board with the experience that  I have had with working with the other communities in Metro Detroit.

I am a dedicated hard worker that believes that the job does not end when the work shift ends but when the task is completed. I have a Masters Degree in Organization Management.

I believe my professional experience, my household managing, and the raising of two beautiful children that are now proud parents along with supporting a husband with a very high demanding career will serve the Board of UCDA with practical realistic good neighboring ethics and responsibilities.

Peter Wolf

My name is Peter Wolf. My wife Dr. Janet Baiardi and I have lived in the University District since 2001.

I am a clinical social worker and have been working with patients in mental health issues for 20+ years. I have a Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston College and am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. My therapy includes treatment with children and families in crisis due to chronic illnesses, adjustment to loss due to death, divorce, and other life changes, and behavioral issues in home and school. 

My experience with multicultural communities brings culturally sensitive insight and knowledge. 

Janet and myself have enjoyed the diversity of the UDCA Neighbor community and the sense of belonging to the broader Detroit metro area.  The multiple benefits of living in the city include a sense of belonging to a proud community who watch out for each other’s safety, create an atmosphere of welcoming and take pride in a history of international renown.

I am targeting the Summer of 2023 to reduce my caseload which would allow for more time to devote my services and time to the needs of the neighborhood issues.