Join Your Neighbors in Supporting the Community During COVID-19


One of the things that makes the University District community so special is the power of its neighbors. Our entire community looks out for each other, celebrates together, and makes sure everyone is taken care of. 

In this uncertain time, the strength of a community is more important than ever. Some of our neighbors have created these cards that they’ve been dropping off at their neighbor’s homes to see if anyone, particularly those in the most vulnerable groups, needs assistance. 

We wanted to share this resource (<- linked and found below – available for download) with the rest of our neighbors and communities. Now is the time to be a helper, and your neighbors have already made it easy to do so, safely. If you have any neighbors who have increased risks for severe illness, please consider checking in on them by filling out your information on this sheet and dropping it off at their house.

Stay tuned for more updates as this situation progresses. The UDCA Board is committed to ensuring that our residents are always safe and informed.

COVID-19 neighbor hand outs