Historic Steel Windows Repair, Restoration, and Weatherization

By James L. Hamilton

windowWhy would you repair a metal window? Let’s ask the experts:

“The repair and thermal upgrading of historic steel windows is more practicable than most people realize. Repaired and properly maintained metal windows have greatly extended service lives. They can be made energy efficient while maintaining¬†their contribution to the historic character of the building.”
Secretary of the Interior National Park Service Preservation Brief 13

Any window that can be repaired should be repaired.
Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation Guidelines for Windows

“The big issue… with classic steel casement windows is energy efficiency. While steel is not a good insulator of heat or cold, glass is far worse. [Heat loss from windows is about the same] regardless of what material the window sash is made of or the type of glass. Air infiltration is the primary culprit….”
Bob Yapp, About Your House

Take a peek into the repair, restoration, and winterization of these beautiful windows on the Historic Boston Edison Association’s website¬†here.