April Board Meeting Minutes

Neighbors, in the interest of transparency to our members the UDCA Board has decided to post its monthly meeting minutes to the UDCA website.

Each month, a link to the minutes will be posted to the community’s blog. Please note: Each month’s minutes are approved at the following board meeting. The April minutes will be finalized/approved in May by the UDCA board. The minutes are currently unapproved. Please email secretary@udca.info if you have any questions. Here are a few highlights from the meeting:

  • Exciting new development updates on West McNichols – scheduled to break ground in Fall 2021
  • The membership committee reports strong membership numbers – on our way to make our goal – renew your UDCA dues today if you haven’t already!
  • The neighborhood yard sale will be back this year – May 22 & May 23 – email communications@udca.info for more info and if you are interested in participating.
  • Long time resident, current board member, former board president Frank Benedict will be moving from the neighborhood to be closer to family. He is a FORCE in the community and will be dearly missed. The UDCA board will appoint a replacement for the remainder of his term.

Read the full minutes here!