About University District’s Designation as a Special Assessment District

Happy Summer! As we enjoy the long warm days of summer and look forward to the cool autumn nights, we would like to update our residents on some important events.

There is much to celebrate because after years of working on UDCA’s Special  Assessment District designation, on June 21 the City Council unanimously passed a resolution authorizing the creation of the UDCA’s Special Assessment District (SAD).

It was long, challenging, and frustrating process (which can be shared with you over a drink) but what we would like to thank the members of the Committee for hanging in there over the years. So please give a long, virtual applause to the following SAD members:

John Autry, Nickolas Kyser, Mary Tomich, Mary Jo Smith, Thomas Bauer, Roger Short, Andrew Moore, Doris Walls, JoAnn Martin, Gary Hanafee & Sid Bailey

The $175 assessment will be part of our Winter 2022 tax bill (this year only) and designated “SMS” (snow, mosquitos & security). Thereafter, it will appear on the summer tax bill. So, you will see additional security and snow services in early 2023, as UDCA receives the funds from the City.

Volunteer organizations by their very nature have lots of turnover which makes it very challenging for these organizations to meet their strategic objectives.  UDCA is no different. However, this team hung in there and with the assistance of other members of UDCA was able to meet this very important strategic milestone.  There will be additional information forthcoming on the next steps.