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Current Circulation:

1200 households (600+ paying members)

  • Continuously printed and shared with the community since the 60’s
  • Includes digital distribution through the UDCA website
  • Published on a quarterly basis
  • UDCA membership has steadily increased in recent years (+120% since 2012)
  • A portion of membership dues are budgeted to support the newsletter,

in addition to ad revenue

  • University District is a historical neighborhood that has had an active

Community Association for over 75 years

  • The Neighborhood is rapidly gaining younger families and enjoying house

price appreciation resulting in a diverse area and demand for a range of

goods and services

  • Smart way to advertise to local residents:

– Printing and distribution handled by UDCA

– Demographically diverse area with proven desire to support

the local community

– High quality color printing with hard copy and online distribution

– Discount programs available, please inquire

By advertising, you have an opportunity to support the UDCA!  Our printing schedule and submission deadlines are as follows:

Spring Issue – Delivered In Home in April – Submission Deadline is February 5

Summer Issue – Delivered In Home in July – Submission Deadline is April 25

Autumn Issue – Delivered In Home in October – Submission Deadline is July 25

Winter Issue – Delivered In Home in December – Submission Deadline is October 9