New Security Patrol Phone Numbers Are Here!

UD patrol

UD residents now have new ways to contact the University District Patrol (UDP) and University District Radio Patrol (UDRP)!

 THE NEW NUMBER (Radio Patrol): 313-378-0982 

 THE OLD NUMBERS (Radio Patrol): 313-459-0770 & 313-447-0003

PAID PATROL CAR:   (number distributed to subscribers. Subscribe today!)

313-378-0982 is UDP’s new administrative and billing virtual office telephone number. You can reach the University District Patrol and the University District Radio Patrol at this number 24 hours/day, seven days/week. Call and leave a message to join the UDP or UDRP, confirm your subscription status, current patrol hours, contact board members and more.

Our UDP Officer on Patrol also has a new telephone number. UDP subscribers can reach the Patrol Officer by calling or texting the new cell phone number. This new number is only shared with subscribers via email. Subscribers can also leave a voicemail at this number for the officer during non-patrol hours.  This new number comes with improved services. For example, subscribers can send doorbell camera or security camera clips of suspicious persons/activities to our patrol officer.  

The University District Patrol is also now on Nextdoor. Our patrol officer will monitor Nextdoor for security related posts.

Now is as great a time as any to subscribe to our paid patrol or sign our SAD petition. Please contact or call (313-378-0982) with any questions.


NOTE: Until the end of October, both the old & new patrol car numbers will be active.  On November 1st, the number that subscribers have long used to contact the patrol car will be disconnected.